I am on a mission to create a more emotionally intelligent world by helping people make real-time connections that matter.

In addition to my life in brand communications, my work can be most easily condensed to these two areas:

Contributing Writer

I am a frequent contributor to Fast Company and Thrive Global, and a columnist at Inc. Magazine, on matters relating to emotional intelligence (EI) at work, leadership development, management, organizational culture, and marketing for fast-growth businesses.

l also write about transformative travel, the result of my own practices with presence of mind and intentional observation, two efforts that support my own emotional intelligence development goals.

Emotional Intelligence Development Coach

I am certified by MHS to administer and interpret EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360 psychometric assessments of one’s emotional quotient. This is the only scientifically sound instrument available.

I work with professionals at all experience levels, especially early and mid-careerists, to harness the power of their EI.

Most EI development coaches and curriculum focus solely on senior executive leadership, predicated upon the assumption that they must have 20+ years of experience from which to draw. And, frankly, the money is at the executive level.

However, I am unconcerned with the lack of life and work experience among young adults, or the earning potential for myself, because I believe them to be more in need of EI primers and coaching than a senior leader. An earlier introduction to the EI framework allows for greater reception to growth moments when they inevitably appear. EI is closely related to earning potential and career success. Young professionals – and those managing them – are all better off if they harness the power of EI earlier.